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What Coaching Addresses

Typical areas coaching addresses in the world of work

  • Strategising, thinking ahead moving beyond the present situation
  • Heighten your focus on getting results while maintaining a balanced life
  • Personal motivation and effective channelling of your efforts
  • Help you see yourself as others see you, or as you want to be seen in your current role
  • Leadership strategies and team building
  • Relationship building with peers, seniors and juniors
  • Communication strategies for:
    • Managing
    • Delegation
    • Leadership
    • Client rapport building
    • Team building
    • Problem-solving
    • Making the best of relationships with peers
  • Listening skills
  • Identifying and dealing with problem people (and problem behaviour)
  • Recognising and growing past personal limitations.
  • Techniques and attitudes to maintain and build a department/practice/business
  • Being influential – in a healthy inclusive way
  • Time management (often removing the issues and blind spots that take undue time)
  • Problem solving and creativity strategies
  • Managing Stress – if it is an issue
  • Managing a heavy work load while maintaining a healthy private life
  • Improving confidence and self esteem (where necessary)
  • Time management, personal organisation, removing blind spots
  • Assistance with performance reviews (your own and with your staff)
  • Lifting your profile in the organisation – career strategies/direction
  • The ability to be powerful but not forceful
  • The ability to be caring without being weak
  • Building the rapport
  • Having others be motivated
  • Career direction
  • Leadership in your organisation
  • Help with particular projects
  • Dealing successfully with those senior to you
  • Meeting targets
  • Sensing how others perceive you
  • Feedback from courses, peers and those senior to you, etc.

General Ethos

Most of us when formally examined on how to lead, manage a team, build rapport, motivate others, be self motivated and inspiring, create good life balance, etc. can respond with answers that demonstrate that we understood the concepts logically, yet there often is a gap between our logical understanding and the results we would like to achieve. It is this gap that is addressed first, as this is where the quickest and largest gains are, thus interrupting old patterns which this experienced coach can readily observe. The result is you developing increasingly effective strategies which more reflect your true motivation and intention. If we want to improve any aspect of our work or our quality of life and believe we can, then it’s only a matter of when and how! Our brains and bodies are already built for success, as this is natural to us and anything else is unnatural!


  • Coaching designed for executives managers and trained professionals
  • Whole person approach to achieve high performance with a balanced life
  • Unique approach that meets you on your terms, with an excellent track record of results
  • Ken will meet you prior to any formal coaching to set you at ease and discuss potential outcomes in Perth metro or by phone or skype
  • Coaching addresses both attitudinal and the technical aspects of management performance. Unlearning socialised behaviours that work against you
  • Personality typing using Myers-Briggs or Herrmann Brain Dominance
  • To coach you in a way that is individually appropriate for you
  • To assist you understand yourself and your team members
  • Coaching in the convenience of your office, my office or over the phone
  • Professional outcome orientated structure, (not a random chat)
  • Detailed supporting notes and a coaching model
  • Recorded sessions on CD allowing you to review important content or strategies
  • Telephone support between sessions
  • Thorough practice and integration of techniques or learnings.