Starting Coaching

The diagram below explains this succinctly (regardless of location or number of people).

Coaching starts with the Myers Briggs personality type (the purpose of this is described in the next page) and a questionnaire called an “Initial survey” as per the diagram below.

If you would like to get some feedback from those senior or junior to you in your organisation there are questionnaires which mirrored your initial survey. These often provide insights useful to both you and the coach.

All the questionnaires are in Word format and are sent by e-mail and returned by e-mail. None of these is mandatory but they have two very useful purposes:

  1. They are very helpful in giving initial direction to the coaching sessions and getting you off to a productive and time effective start.
  2. At the end of coaching, they help you realise how much (or how little) you’ve gained through the coaching sessions (because if the sessions are helpful you won’t necessarily notice that you’re changing because you should be becoming more of the person you always thought you were in the first place).

The coaching processes

I am an individual starting coaching

Arranging payment: you will receive a quote and if you find it acceptable we can arrange a method of payment depending on your location and circumstances. Visa and MasterCard are accepted – and in the future, PayPal will be initiated.

Corporate sponsored client/s

The start-up process is the same as in the diagram above for all of the categories below.

  • Clients selected for coaching in the Perth Metro area
  • Corporate groups in cities (in Australia or overseas).
  • Leadership teams on-site on construction projects (in Australia or overseas).
  • Fly-in-fly-out in remote locations (in Australia or overseas).