Coaching Style

This is a professional, practical and well-grounded approach which meets you at your own stage of development and accelerates you along your own development path.

The focus is on the “how to”, what to say and how to effectively convey your message and use your influence. To be able to clearly and succinctly apply strategies that fit with your personality and style.

You are provided with helpful support notes and practice time in dealing with important matters. You have a confidant, with which to gain clarity on sensitive issues and a sounding board for strategic issues such as:

  • Career direction
  • Leadership in your organisation
  • Help with particular projects
  • Dealing successfully with those senior to you
  • Meeting targets
  • Sensing how others perceive you
  • Feedback from courses, peers and those senior to you, and so on

Plus everything listed under “What Coaching Addresses”

This is a forum in which you can expect to come away with solutions and the principle behind solution which you can apply to future issues. You receive useful stimulation in the sessions (particularly if you have no pressing issues) which will assist you in being maximally effective in your career and your life.

Often there is a gap between what we intellectually understand and our ability to translate that into a practical reality and that is a gap that this coach will help you quickly close.

Note that we are built for success, (whatever that means to you) that success, deep fulfilment and deep happiness, is our natural state. In that state, we can lead with a firm and fair hand, and at the same time, we can be considerate and deeply warm towards others regardless of what they think of us. The things that inhibit us are always trying to leave us – and our best qualities are always trying to support us. What prevents this happing naturally is our (usually unconscious) attitudes, beliefs and social training.

With hundreds of satisfied clients, Ken promises to assist you to make a significant and measurable improvement to your effectiveness, well-being and quality of life.

Look forward to rewarding and satisfying coaching sessions if you choose to work with Ken.

Key principles

As a coach I want my clients to leave with an understanding, capability in a number of key principles that we are all subject to whether we are conscious of them or not. For example, the ability to use questioning when the going gets tough, or deeply understand what has commonly termed the locus of control – or that you create your life, therefore, you can adapt and change. These and several more qualities are essential for happy productive lives, productive and unifying leadership or indeed management at any level in an organisation.

I commonly run into people who attend coaching sessions not because there is something wrong but because they want to advance themselves – then as the coach, I will provide a suitable agenda and deeply interesting stimulation that will help you be more of yourself and less of the person you have trained yourself to be.

Before coaching

You are sent a survey (questionnaire) that helps you define what you want from the coaching session/s. If you would like external feedback there is also a similar survey for you to forward to the person you report to and there is also a survey for the people you manage. You will also be given a Myers-Briggs personality type assessment. This helps your coach to connect with you quickly on your terms and helps to identify your likely preferred strategies. Your preferences (or strengths) when overused tend to point to your known and unknown weaknesses.

A typical coaching session

A Typical coaching session lasts 60 to 90 minutes (typically 75 min with time to wrap up after). The coach will usually lead with questions and ensure you are met at your level and that the session is focused on issue/s you want or need to address from the start (Professional outcome orientated structure, not a random chat). One reason for engaging a coach is they can often see what you cannot see for yourself so expect the session to be insightful and energising. Your job is to make the coachwork hard and undertake any follow-up activities you agree to! If you have no particular agenda your coach will provide stimulation and direction.

Coaching notesNotes and recordings

Often the session will be recorded for you in high-quality stereo (providing you are happy with this), so you can review the strategies and ideas that were discussed. You are also provided with backup notes for later reference or to share with others.


Coaching CDsYour confidentiality is assured. Confidentiality is essential and guaranteed so you can be open and honest and develop yourself through the coaching sessions. Any form of evaluation would simply stymie this. Equally, there is no need to delve into your history or past unless you desire to.