Coaching on the Phone

Executive coaching and personal coaching on the phone is the least preferred medium for online coaching. Having said that it has been effective for quite a number of my clients in remote locations or in the metro area where it was simply inefficient to travel and no other medium available.

The benefits of coaching on the phone are:

It is quick and easy to set up regardless of distance.

Drawbacks of coaching on the phone are:

For the coach; missing the physiological cues contained in slight body shifts, eye movements etc. so that as a coach I rely entirely on verbal cues such as changes in tone, pauses and the questions asked by the client.

The client gets the same content and can have the same time as with any other medium of delivery. Client notes are simply e-mailed to the client sometimes prior to the session. The sessions are recorded loaded on an e-mail or CD and sent to you.

It’s worth noting that 75-minute coaching sessions on the phone seem to be a bit wearing for most clients and thus telephone coaching sessions are usually slightly shorter than face to face or online sessions.

Trusting that this has been helpful.